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What's Kingdom Hearts? Who the heck is Riku?!
Don't ask me anything like this. Seriously. I don't know how you got here with that lack of knowledge. Read the welcome note on the main page, then journey on over to the shrine section if you're interested. But be warned, there are spoilers everywhere.

Can I take [something] from your shrine?
Read the Terms of Use to find out whether it's okay.

Why don't you like Riku x [someone]?!! Everyone knows they're meant for each other!
Riku is not part of any canon romantic relationship. We all have our own opinions, so please don't try to force your fan pairings on me.

Excuse me, but Riku is MINE. Why the *bleep* do you have a shrine to him, you *bleep*?
First of all, Riku is not yours, unless you are on the Kingdom Hearts team at Square-Enix, or are Tetsuya Nomura himself (but I highly doubt they would be reading this). Neither you nor I created him in any way, shape, or form. Contrary to what you may believe, fanart, fanfiction, and doujinshi do not count. As for why I have a shrine for him, just go read the Why page.

Will you ever put up an image gallery?
No. There are plenty of sites out there that have tons of images of him. It would be pointless for me to make a gallery, especially since I probably wouldn't have the best quality in screenshots and scans.

Will you make a layout for me?

Ugh, I hate Riku!!
Do you? Then why are you wasting your time here?

Your site sucks. That other Riku shrine is so much better.
Okay. *shrug*

You *bleep*! You totally just stole [this] from that other shrine!
Excuse me? I'm no hypocrite. When I say I don't tolerate theft, I obviously don't do it myself.

You *bleep*! You spoiled the game for me!!!
I believe there's a spoiler warning on the first page. It's not my fault if you didn't read it.


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